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Women Empowerment Vision Board Party

Host & Visioned By: Carine E. Joseph

Written By: Daniel Simeon

"Are you living to your full potential?
Do you feel stuck with your current job?
Are you feeling unmotivated? Stuck? Or overwhelmed with the demands?
is fear Stopping you from walking into your life purpose?
Join us as we embark on a journey to self reflection and self discovery."

Through out time, our Society of minority women including Daughters, Sisters, Aunties, Nieces, Queens , Wives, Mothers and so forth have been the pillars of our society. The Strength of a Women is like no other and one which should be marvel all on its own. I remember as a kid watching my mother do all the things for me , my brother and my sister thinking, "I've never seen her go to the gym or take steroids how can she be that Strong? What is Pastor putting in that paper shot cup? I wonder if its the bread shaped like a Vegas poker chip, can it be Radioactive and giving her all this strength & will?" But like all things in the world a sense of wellness is necessary, a time for self reflection and self discovery is needed or a sense of stillness. So my apologies to the StarTrack fan boy this is not an article about Klingon women finding a refuge in your room wanting to watch the Note Book but rather a night evisioned by Carine E. Joseph the owner of "The Citadel Counseling Services".

Citadel Counseling Services is a company that was birth out of her desire to change the stigma that surrounds mental health in Haiti and the world at large. Growing up, she noticed that mental health was hardly discussed in her community so she decided to change that .She Constructed Citadel Counseling Services with the intent to change the stigma
with the combination of therapy, life coaching and faith practices. Through these they hope to provide a safe space for women, minorities, Caribbean communities with families from different backgrounds with a non-judgmental, strength-based, and purposeful approach where no one will feel pressured. "( )

With A longing in her heart to fulfill this idea the first step needed to be taken to assert assurance . With a couple Clicks a few Calls, maybe a broken nail or two and the idea of sleep being totally crazy ,Carine also Author of "Relax
your mind Relax your Soul journals" sets up an intimate girls day out but this was not your spa in the mid afternoon filled with food products to feed pores. Sorry miss but we will not be using those avocadoes to conceal the face but rather stuffing our face with the served appetizers consisting of shrimp and a spicy chipotle dip by the ladies captivating the attention of Red. No spongy cushions in-between your toes or a deep tissue message by Erika with sounds from the Free Willy CD caressing your ears in the background. This will by an evening of development, inspiration, motivation, fellowship, networking , empowerment to promote inner peace while educating & empowering minds for a pleasant present and a secure future.

The Event included Speakers Such as
Dr. Rose Calixte
Sandra Gordon, LMFT (family therapist) ,Brenda Mondesir, MSW (social worker),Mindi Dawson-Gardner, LCSW-C (trauma therapist),Amanda Pierre-Louis, MFT, Dance teacher and Micheleine Talegrand (Brand strategist) . Each Speaker Filed the room with information giving new knowledge and perspectives on things that may intrigue female minorities. Such things as Mental Health, Business, Relationships & Finances. Vision Boards were created along with words place by the sides of the Queens chair and later explained. The room was filled with beautiful women with a visions to be great and empowered . This is like Buma training in the Hyperbolic Chamber for her well being. (Dragon Ball Z Reference)

The 4 Hours of information and fellowship was priceless and the smiles throughout the night kept more then the lights on but the spirits of our minority woman uplifted. The Evening began and ended In prayer. It was evident that God was at the center of it all.


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Special thanks to all speakers who were involved. For counseling services please visit link above (CitadalCCS). Help is only a click away.


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